Welcome to JT2, anarchy survival in an all-stone world created by maikerumine and inspired by the "just test" server.

Your server owner and operator is Nemo. You may submit questions, comments, etc. into the mailbox at spawn.

Server restarts daily at 00:00 UTC (7:00 PM Central) for automated backup and rendering of map.










Appointed moderators can be readily identified by a green nametag.

Rules: No griefing, doxxing, trolling, dating, cheating, hacking or cursing.

Penalty for violating these rules will range from jail to ban depending on the severity of the infraction.

Your objective is to farm, mine, trade, and help build the greatest city in an all stone world filled with dangerous mobs!

Weather Conditions

Player Information

Marker Legend: Alive Dead

The server is currently offline. Please check back later.

Official forum topic

Daily map rendering | Daily chat history | Daily login summary

Command Reference

The following chat commands are custom tailored to the JT2 server:

Show the list of online players

/spawn [main|east|north|south]
Teleport to the static spawnpoint

View your latest mail delivery notifications

/status [server|client|player|engine|config]
Print detailed information about the player, client, server, engine, or config

View realtime server and player statistics

Select from a list of emoji visual effects

Show the local time and date of the server

View the current weather conditions

View graphical logs of recent weather activity

Show the coordinates of your assigned spawnpoint

/who [player_name]
Show information about the given player, or yourself

/w [search_phrase]
Show a list of online players with names matching the given search phrase.

/where [player_name]
Show the position and relative distance of the given player (within 1000 meters)

Show information about the wielded item

/near [range]
Show a list of players within the given range, or 50 meters (maximum of 1000 meters)

View the chat history with optional message filters

/c [search_phrase]
Search the chat history for the given search phrase

/jail [player_name]
Forcibly jail the given player, or yourself (requires "jail" privilege)

/kill [player_name]
Forcibly kill the given player, or yourself, and bypass jail when killing players (requires "kill privilege)

/mute [player_name]
Grant or revoke the shout privileges of the given player (requires "basic_privs" priv)

/lock [player_name]
Grant or revoke the interact privileges of the given player (requires "basic_privs" priv)

Open the Macro Crafting Manager

/craft [search_phrase]
Search for an item within the Craft Guide

Show the current world date in "Days, Months, Years" format

Show the current world time in "Hours:Minutes AM/PM" format

JT2 is hosted on a powerful dedicated CentOS server running a customized fork of Minetest.

A wide selection of mods have been developed specifically for the Just Test Tribute game:

Customized Mods

  • Chat History Mod (chat_history)
  • ActiveFormspecs Mod (formspecs)
  • LiveStats Mod (livestats)
  • Configuration Panel Mod (config)
  • Signs Redux Mod (signs_rx)
  • Books Redux Mod (books_rx)
  • Inventory Redux Mod (inventory)
  • Splash Screen Mod (welcome)
  • Axon Mod (axon)
  • Mobs Lite Mod (mobs)
  • Trophies Mod (trophies)
  • Holoblock Mod (holoblock)
  • Emitblock Mod (emitblock)
  • Job Control Mod (cronjob)
  • Mailbox II Mod (mailbox)
  • Auto-Shutdown Mod (shutdown)
  • LaunchPad Mod (launchpad)
  • Snowfall Mod (snowfall)
  • City Block II Mod (city_block)
  • Protector Redux Mod (protector)
  • Advanced Rangefinder Mod (finder)
  • Extended Commands Mod (xcommands)
  • Navigation System Mod (navigator)
  • Wardrobe II Mod (wardrobe)
  • DataMiner Mod (dataminer)
  • Chests Redux Mod (chests_rx)
  • Beds Redux Mod (beds)
  • Open Sandbox Mod (sandbox)
  • WieldView II Mod (wieldview)
  • Player Gestures Mod (gestures)
  • Extra Foods Mod (extra_foods)
  • Auth Redux Mod (auth_rx)
  • Bedrock Markup Language Mod (markup)
  • Sentinel Mod (sentinel)
  • Anti-Grief Mod (antigrief)
  • Timekeeper Mod (timekeeper)
  • Highways Mod (highways)
  • Safety Deposit Mod (safety_deposit)
  • Bitwise Operations Mod (bitwise)
  • Basic Collections Mod (collections)
  • Simple Cipher Mod (cipher)
  • Athletics Mod (athletics)
  • Survival Guide Mod (survival)
  • Thievery Mod (thievery)
  • Bell Chimes Mod (belfry)
  • Snowdrift II Mod (snowdrift)
  • Admin Toolbox Mod (toolbox)
  • Macro Crafting Manager Mod (macro)
  • Interactive Physics Mod (physics)
  • Player Registry Mod (registry)
  • Basic Ownership Mod (ownership)
  • Itemframes II Mod (itemframes)
  • Dynamite Mod (dynamite)
  • Giftbox Mod (giftbox)
  • Stopwatch Mod (stopwatch)
  • Inspector Redux Mod (inspector)
  • Simple Craft Mod (simple_craft)
  • Fireworks II Mod (fireworks)
  • Debug Console Mode (console)
  • Stairs Redux Mod (stairs)
  • RealtimeAlerts (alerts)
  • Spawn Camera Mod (spawncam)
  • You must install a compatible Minetest client in order to join!

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